Please read this open letter from The Center for Garden State Families to the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners. This letter is dated March 5th, 2021.


If passed, this bill would be the most radical pro-abortion legislation in the state of New Jersey.

Please sign the petition to oppose this act, NOW!
Please sign the petition to oppose the Reproductive freedom Act NOW!


  • As noted in the end statement of the bill, The Reproductive Freedom Act, “allows an unmarried, pregnant minor to give consent to the furnishing hospital, medical, and surgical care related to her pregnancy or child, without the need to notify her parents.” The bill puts a divide between the parent and child, as it permanently removes parental consent. 

  • It is an aggressive attack on Religious Freedom as the state will determine which “faith/religious,” is acceptable for religious exemptions.


The Reproductive Freedom Act” (S3030/A4848) What you NEED to know:

  • Abortion is an invasive surgical procedure, and yet this bill would allow for unqualified medical individuals to perform abortions. This includes, but is not limited to, a physician, advanced practice nurse, physician assistant, certified midwife, or certified nurse-midwife. This puts women, OF ALL RACES, at even greater risk of physical and mental harm and violates medical ethical standards of care. The bill eliminates the requirement to have abortions performed in licensed surgical facilities. 

  • The bill allows abortion up until birth and partial-birth abortion. It erases the humanity of the baby and expressly declares the fetus has NO protections.  

  • It would be the most open abortion law in the United States. The mandated funding provisions will not only attract MORE human traffickers to NJ to force women to have abortions, but it will make us a magnet for those here illegally, and from other states, to come here to our state to have abortions for free at the NJ Taxpayer’s expense. 

                                         And this is only the tip of the iceberg…